Do you think Howie comes into his office everyday and says “Hey, Carson!” or “How we doing today Fletch?” Cause I’d 100% believe that. This is fucking weird. I don’t even think I’m blowing this out of proportion how weird this is. I mean Howie ends dude’s dreams of playing in the NFL while Carson Wentz looks over his shoulder nodding in approval. This is a legitimate shrine. Imagine working in the Electrical Union and you walk into your bosses office for something and he’s got a lifesize poster of his favorite foreman on the wall. Grease stains on his shirt from a Sizzli and everything. What the fuck kind of organization are they running over there? Could you imagine Bill Belichick having a Fathead of Tom Brady in his office? Or Kevin Colbert having a tribute to Big Ben? Howie Roseman doesn’t subscribe to the Billy Beane School of General Managing.

And now according to Mike Garafolo it sounds like the Eagles are telling coaches in interviews that they plan on bringing back Wentz for next season.

So if a coach comes in with a vision of Jalen Hurts he’s already facing a disadvantage? Fine. I won’t give up on Carson Wentz after 12 games, but then Jalen Hurts has to be moved. Can’t have Carson looking over his shoulder all season. Which would make no sense for Howie to draft Hurts in the 2nd round in the first place. Jesus Christ now I’m angry again. This organization is a clusterfuck.

Hey Howie. Fuck you.