Holy shit when’s the last time we’ve seen a player in any league completely go right at a reporter no holds barred? That was fucking awesome, I’d actually pay for Peacock if NBCSports could promise me Jake Voracek just lashing out at the media while Girouxs coo’ing like a pigeon in the background. If you’re Mike Sielski do you just hand in your credential? I don’t know if a dead guy can still write columns. Could you imagine Mike watching the game with his family, taking some notes, watching the boys buzz on the way to a 2-0 start? He sends the wife and kids off to bed to go hop on a quick post-game Zoom in his office (there’s definitely a framed Winter Classic credential hanging on the wall), write his column, and then get the weekend started. Only for his wife to find him in the morning slumped over in his chair dead because Jake Voracek murdered him. What a sight!

According to the guys over at Crossing Broad (a couple of Walter Cronkite’s over there huh?) they got a statement from Mike. It supposedly stemmed from this article Sielski wrote in 2019.

“On Halloween of 2019 I went to Voorhees, where they practiced that day. I go to write a column. They had gotten off to a slow start that year and Alain Vigneault is talking and says he needs more from his veteran group of players. Voracek and James van Riemsdyk were laughing as he was talking.

I go home and I’m hosting a party at our house, and we’ve got 60 people coming over for trick and treating. I’m on deadline and trying to write this column about what happened at practice. Flyers public relations got in touch because they thought I was writing that Voracek and van Riemsdyk were laughing AT Alain Vigneault, so I apologized and said that I could understand why they saw it that way. I went online and we fixed the column at that point, to clarify that I didn’t know specifically what they were talking about, and I said I’d be willing to smooth things over with Jake, that I would speak to him at practice or over the phone. Again, we went in and fixed the column and that was it.”

60 people for a Halloween party Mikey? What’re you the fucking mayor of Bucks County? I couldn’t even find 60 people in my lifetime who would want to spend time with me at once. Jesus Christ you all must’ve pillaged the entire neighborhood with your mini army of barbarians. Left all the shitty candy for the neighbors like Dots and Twizzlers while a bunch of conquistadors were feasting on king sized Butterfinger’s and Kit Kats. Save some Milky Way’s for the rest of us kid.

I love TK’s reaction after. Just a complete psycho who’s never hated a good chirp. You know he was just beaming on the inside.

Also, shout out to Charlie O’Connor for having the poise to ask the next question like he didn’t just watch someone die right in front of him two seconds before. A real pro’s pro.