So Adam Silver and the NBA are going to just sit on their hands as Kyrie Irving goes AWOL with no explanation? Endangering the lives of millions and integrity of the league as he prances around the club MASKLESS for his sister’s birthday? Kind of funny how Houston wouldn’t budge on a trade unless it included Durant or Kyrie in November, but now they’re willing to part with elite level talent for a couple draft picks and Dante Exum.

Did anyone stop and think the Nets saw Kyrie sageing the Boston Garden and thought “we could sell this as the actions of a psychopath”? So they hatched a plan with Kyrie’s team to make it look like he was going off the deep end so no team would take that risk. And after Net’s guys floating reports of Kyrie’s unhappiness that he wasn’t involved in the Steve Nash hire he just so happens to now be “excited” to get back to Brooklyn.

The Sixers couldn’t even sit at the table without an appetizer of two future Hall of Famers, a vlogger to help convert Gen Z fans, AND future picks. Not to mention they just so happened to all be in Los Angeles working out during the off-season. This shit STINKS!

If this were the Sixers Adam Silver would find a way to block this trade as a tribute to his mentor David Stern. He’d probably give Ben Simmons & Tyrese Maxey to the Rockets as compensation just to fuck us because