This is a blog from NBA alternate reality. I spent the last hour writing this from the prose of the Sixers getting Harden. Inception Blog!


That sound you hear is every stripper in the area lacing up their boots, putting on their hard hat, and grabbing their lunch pail ready for a long day as James Harden makes his descent on Philadelphia!

Listen we gave up an absolute shit ton. But at some point you have to just go for it. You can’t tell me 3 games from Tyrese Maxey stands between James Harden. Ben does everything but he’s a constant black hole on offense. If you’re upset over Mathisse Thybulle leaving it’s because you watched his vlogs more than you watched him dribble. This was the defining moment of his Sixers career.

We don’t know how much longer Embiid has left in the tank. He’s playing at an MVP level this season. He just gave you 45 and singlehandedly won you a basketball game playing point guard. This is the biggest no brainer in the history of trades.

If you can give me 2-3 more years of these two I’ll take it gladly and if it doesn’t work out it didn’t work out. But I’d rather look back and be happy we went for it than always thinking what-if. No one is going to be complaining when we’re in the Finals winning games because James Harden and Embiid went to the line a combined 48 times.

If you say James Harden quit on his team and he’s just going to quit here too you are a buffoon. He gave them 9 seasons of MVP level basketball. He doesn’t want to be there, he wants to be here. And if you’re worried about James Harden being fat and his personal life well you obviously didn’t know the camera adds 10 pounds dummy.

You know who else liked to bang hookers and blow off a little steam in the club? Michael Jordan, Shaq, Magic, Dennis Rodman, Wilt Chamberlain. All of them have rings.

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