Get to your book before the odds plummet because this Sixers team is only going as far as Joel Embiid can take them. No Simmons. No Tyrese Maxey. Have the team on a ventilator and he singlehandedly won that overtime game for the Sixers on each end of the floor.

Don’t waste his MVP year. I don’t want to force a “trade Ben Simmons” point on such a happy night, but I don’t care if James Harden becomes as big as Rikishi. I rather him hit Jayson Tatum and Giannis with a stinkface than watching Simmons pull up at the foul line because he doesn’t know how to create when defenders sag off. Fuck it. Let’s go all in.

Also – Need this guy to chirp Danny Green before every game now.

P.S. You can’t tell me Dakota Mathias didn’t go to Ryan and eat Steve’s before lighting up Judge for 30.