We’re in a damn pandemic and Danny Green still can’t get away from the chirps. I absolutely love this fan. It doesn’t matter disease is running wild, no one knows if the country actually has a leader for the next 9 days, and the NBA is on the brink of shutting down. This guy came to chirp and chew bubble gum and he’s all out of bubble gum. This is what I miss most about fans in arenas. Danny Green has 3 rings, financially he’s set himself up for life, and can retire at 40 and live comfortably for the rest of his life. He could’ve just walked through that tunnel and never seen that guy again. He’s been insulted far worse thousands of times in the NBA. He got death threats for missing a wide open 3 to lose one game in the Finals when the Lakers were in control of the series. But this dude’s chirps took him back to the playgrounds of New York. Danny Green had to clap back, he couldn’t let this guy get the last word. It’s in his DNA. I love it!

Listen, I know people are freaking out about Danny Green’s poor shooting, but this is what you signed up for. There’s going to be 10 game stretches he’s shooting lights out and five where he looks like Sandy Lyle. Plus since Voldemort hit us with a Corona curse and refuses to postpone any of our games guys like Dakota Mathias are getting 39 minutes. Dakota Mathias isn’t going to get 39 combined minutes for the rest of the season once things are back to normal. I choose to look at this as a positive that our main core is getting double the rest for a late season playoff push. Everyone knows the season doesn’t begin until after the All-Star break.