What an all time screw job by Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman! Tell Doug Pederson his job is safe. Tell Doug Pederson to tank the Week 17 game. Fire Doug Pederson two weeks later. I mean this was an all time backroom shaking hands with the five families and getting the approval to whack Doug. Now he’s fish food with Big Pussy Bonpensiero.

Honestly, after Jeff McLane detailed the decisions Doug Pederson wanted to make with his staff this firing doesn’t really bother me. I love the sexy coaching hire so you can’t sell me on Press Taylor actually getting a promotion after this season. Why would we bring everyone back after going 4-11-1. How much different would his job duties have been anyway? We already know Doug doesn’t want to relinquish control of the offense.

This is such a snake move by Jeffrey Lurie. How can you justify Howie Roseman keeping his job? No need to beat a dead horse just go look at his drafts the last 10 seasons, his free agent signings before Joe Douglas, and now the cap trouble we’re in because he backloaded contracts. Howie’s got way to much power. If Doug had to go 3 years after winning a Super Bowl than what sense does it make that Howie gets to keep his job. This tells me a couple things. Lurie thinks Frank Reich had a large hand in making the Eagles a Super Bowl winning team. You don’t fire your Super Bowl winning head coach three seasons later if you think he’s competent enough to right the ship. And they chose Carson Wentz over Doug Pederson and I 100% believe Carson Wentz will be QB1 the first game of next season. Doug won in spite of the talent Howie gave him. Howie’s got some sort of spell over Jeffrey Lurie like he’s Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin. He puts on those green tights, blows some pink dust in his face and dances – driving Jeffrey Lurie wild.

How long until Linc is coaching at The Linc? Gimme.