SOURCE22-year-old Bensalem man has been charged in the death of a local chiropractor whose body was found at his home office in November.  Joseph O’Boyle, a former patient of the victim, was charged with criminal homicide and related offenses Friday. He has been held at the county jail since Nov. 10, when detectives served a search warrant at his residence. 

Chiropractor James Sowa was found dead by his adult son Nov. 2 in his kitchen of his home at 3161 Hulmeville Road. Sowa had suffered severe and fatal injuries to his jaw with a blunt object, prosecutors said. 

Bensalem police records found that officers had responded to the property months earlier for a report that O’Boyle allegedly punched his father.  Investigators determined that O’Boyle was a patient of Sowa’s in September. Witnesses testified that O’Boyle was upset about the treatment he received for jaw pain, prosecutors said. 

And by accused I mean Bitter Beer Face guy definitely murdered his chiropractor.

No need to waste taxpayer money on a trial. Just show that mugshot to the jury on the first day and let them go deliberate in the chambers for a couple minutes. No one has ever been angrier getting their picture taken than Joseph O’Boyle. I understand chronic jaw pain has to be a real bitch. Last week I slept on my neck the wrong way and it ruined my week. But bashing in a guy’s skull because your foods had to come in the form of a shake doesn’t seem like a fair trade.

If we had to power rank a list of doctors who would be murdered by their patients, chiropractor has to be pretty far down that list right? If anything the world needs more chiropractors. I throw my back out once every two years. You don’t understand how important your back is to everyday life until it takes you 10 minutes to roll out of bed in the morning. The back is the anchor of the body. I owe chiropractors my life. Stop killing chiropractors. If you need to kill a doctor, kill podiatrists or osteoporosis doctors. If you’re worried about your bones turning to dust maybe you should’ve drank more milk as a child. Then you could’ve become Dennis Rodman.