Jim Schwartz scoffed at this Packers 4th down defense it was so bad.

And even though no one on the Packers that year is even still on the team the Eagles never let the Packers forget it.

How awesome is it that Freddie Mitchell is beloved in this city for just one play in his career? Especially because he never lived up to his 1st round potential and Reggie Wayne was taken 4 picks after. I’m not even sure Freddie Mitchell made another catch for the rest of his career after this. But there was no Twitter around at the time to remind everyone when Reggie Wayne did something good. How easy did GM’s have it with no social media? Imagine @IgglesFanz42069 railing against the organization because they missed out on Hall of Famer Reggie Wayne. Because today every time DK Metcalf farts and doesn’t shit himself 30 different people tweet it out and make a JJAW joke. Eagles fans today would’ve put Joe Banner in the looney bin.

Also, was the Brett Favre interception the worst thrown ball in the history of athletics? Or was it every Donovan McNabb throw to Ricky Manning Jr.’s side of the field the next week?

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How the fuck didn’t we win the whole thing this year?