Hmm…where were you on that one Sal Pal? You think Doug Pederson was tanking that game not going for a field goal on 4th & Goal from the 2 yard line. Hmm…Dan Orlovsky maybe you should write another note calling this game a mockery. I can’t believe Doug Pederson would disrespect the game like this not kicking a field goal. And where’s Greeny yelling about Carson Wentz not being with his team all night when he was blatantly on the sidelines the whole game.

People were calling Nate Sudfeld the worst QB they’ve ever seen like the Eagles put in a Make A Wish Kid or Dan Orlovsky. Well look at his influence on the Philly Special and tell me what a bum he was. Directly in there on one of the greatest plays in Eagles history. While displaying ball security. Legend.