I know Geoff Schwartz has been out of football for a little bit, but does he not know about Fletcher Cox? The Lord of Liasons? The Expert of Entanglements? The Maestro of the Master Bedroom? Please pray for Geoff Schwartz’s wife. Fletch will fuck your wife, your girlfriend, or your mom. He’ll take on double teams at the Linc then double team anyone with a ring on their finger. Fletcher Cox loves seeing a ring more than Gollum. Geoff pick your battles big guy. Did you not listen to the 911 call from last year?

It’d be one thing if this was an isolated incident, but remember that guy that wanted to sue him down in North Carolina? All the guy wanted his wife to do was unfollow Fletch on Instagram and she ended up blocking her husband on IG instead and moving up to Philadelphia. This text conversation will never not make me laugh. Going from talking about how bad the Jets are, to the woman letting Cox know her schedule, and then escalating to “I want to get you pregnant.” Fletch just wants to hit a couple gaps and do his job just like on the field.