Hey why the fuck not, right? Who cares that the franchise QB you paid $100+ million to wants out of the organization this offseason and is the only guy of your last 50 draft picks to make the Pro Bowl. Who cares that we’re in cap hell because you backloaded every contract trying to make one last Super Bowl run than got in your own way because you don’t have the ability to draft a competent fantasy team let alone a real life one. Who cares that you have a better chance of evaluating what a wet fart is than evaluating talent and the only time the team employed a talent evaluator you won a Super Bowl. If you can’t be good at any of the job requirements you’re supposed to be good at why do you get to keep your job? Because of a pandemic? There was a pandemic for 31 other teams. Are the Eagles really going to try to sell us that this season was all the assistant coaches fault? You can’t blame assistant coaches when you refuse to employ an OC and give Press Taylor some made up title just to sit him in an office like he’s the CEOs son who just got out of rehab. What the fuck is Rich Scangarello or Marty Mornhinweg actually consulting on? Dave Fipp probably was pulling a Coach Klein at practice all year because anyone who’s dumb enough to make 5’6 Boston Scott your kickoff returner has humped some footballs in his life.

I can’t wait for Howie to select Micah Parsons in the draft with Ja’Marr Chase, Devonta Smith, and Jaylen Waddle all on the board. Zig while everyone else zags. Smartest guy in the room always. It’s an offensive league, but we’re going to go 9-7 for the next 4 years with a top 5 ranked defense until we give up on Jalen Hurts…after extending him for $100+ million of course.