Shut up you dork. Save this shit for the morning where you and Ryan Clark can just yell back and forth at each other hot take after hot take. What world are we living in that the Eagles sitting Jalen Hurts so he doesn’t get injured and we get a better pick is a question on their integrity? How is losing this game for a better pick in the draft taking the easy road? Have you seen this team play? Whether we had the 6th or 9th pick neither are going to fix this team instantly. But we should miss out on Penei Sewell or three possible generational wide receivers so the Giants don’t get their feelings hurt? Why didn’t you bitch about the Steelers sitting their starters? Shouldn’t they have cared about the feelings of the Dolphins, Dan? The Dolphins went 10-6! You’re complaining about a team who didn’t make the playoffs at 6-10! Orlovsky’s feelings were so hurt he had to write out a notes app apology? What the fuck kind of looney tune land are we living in? Get outside Dan. Go for a walk. Show some self awareness.