Listen you motherfuckers didn’t deserve it either! Nobody in the NFC East deserved a home playoff game! Alex Smith was doing everything in his power to give this game to the Eagles. Doug Pederson punted for the first time on 4th down in the opponents end of the field. He had the opportunity to tie it up with a field goal in the redzone and ended up going for it on 4th down. This was always about the tank you idiots! It took them sitting Jalen Hurts for you to realize the Eagles never wanted to be in this game from the start? If we didn’t put the shackles on Hurts he would’ve won the game by himself! Have a fucking brain! You want the playoffs? Win the division games when they matter.

Before the game they didn’t even have enough players to dress for a full roster.

Alshon Jeffery got the night off so his old ass wouldn’t get any more bruises before they try to shop him in the offseason.

Travis Fulgham went out of bounds with no one within 20 feet of him.

You had to know something was up when JJAW is actually coming up with these types of catches.

Jalen Reagor’s in the locker room with a concussion and retweeting birthday shoutouts.

Even Jason Kelce the ultimate competitor is in on the tank. He bounced this ball off of Nate Sudfeld’s ankles.

The only person I feel bad for is Al Michaels because he definitely has the over and Doug Pederson fucked him out of that in the 3rd quarter and he knew it.

Fuck you Giants! You get nothing! You lose! Good day sirs!

At least they can get to the docks nice and early tomorrow.