Good God, that sucked. After jumping out to a 14-3 first quarter lead the Eagles were outscored 34-3 by their biggest rival to ultimately end their 2020 campaign. This team sucked all year and had no chance of making any real noise in the playoffs but to see Dallas knock us out like that is really fucking brutal.

Several times in the second half of this game the Eagles had a chance to draw themselves back into contention but time and time again they came up short. Most notably, after Darius Slay, the highest paid corner in football, made a crucial interception to set the Eagles up in favorable field position, Philly came up with zero (0) points.

That horrendous sequence was highlighted by several penalties and a straight-up unfathomable decision by Doug Pederson, who should be fired, to go for it on 4th and 15 down 13 with 10 minutes remaining in the game. I mean this was truly asinine. It felt like he was playing madden and accidentally picked a real play instead of a punt and then said “eh, fuck it.”

The frustration of the game was compounded by how good the offense looked to open things up. Jalen Hurts and Miles Sanders marched down the field on the first drive of the game, running the ball with ease. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the run seemed to be abandoned the second things started to go poorly.

The injury-riddled defense, Michael Jacquet in particular, got absolutely marched on by Andy Dalton, Michael Gallop and co. At one point the notion of an Eagles stop felt absolutely dumbfounded. To be fair, the defense was playing without Fletcher Cox for most of the game as well as most of their secondary. Still, you would’ve liked to see some fight against an Andy Dalton led offense.

Jalen Hurts wasn’t necessarily bad, but he also certainly wasn’t good. Of his three starts this was definitely his most disappointing, which sucks given that a win would have set up an NFC East title game next week at the Linc. Hurts still showed flashes and you have to think he has the edge of Carson Wentz moving forward but the way this organization has coddled their supposed franchise quarterback it’s hard to say for sure.

So many times the Eagles had a chance to steal this game or at least give themselves a shot, and every time they shot themselves directly in the foot. These last few weeks have brought some excitement but this game was a painful and healthy remainder that this team is, to put it lightly, dog shit.

I’ve spent the past two weeks yelling into the void that this team making the playoffs would be an absolute disaster. It would let so many incompetent people off the hook, and not only ruin our own draft position but it would give an NFC East rival a much better pick as well.

That said, losing to the Cowboys is my single least favorite thing in the world. Especially in this fashion. It makes me question the point of even being alive and reinforces to me that evil will very often defeat good. It sucks. I hate it. Watching these losers with a blue star on their head run circles around the Eagles helpless defense while the offense struggles, despite the Cowboys best efforts to let them back in, to even keep themselves competitive is just truly the worst.

The good news is that the loss sets the Eagles up for a top pick in the draft to begin a rebuild. With a loss next week Howie Roseman who has no business making any draft pick for any team ever again could find himself picking in the top 5 of the 2021 draft, which would admittedly be very helpful for a team with far more bad players than good ones.

This whole season sucked. We had little to no fun at all and have been forced to accept that our once franchise quarterback isn’t even that. Today was a horrendous experience. Watching the Cowboys eliminate the Eagles from playoff contention is essentially my version of hell. Regardless, thankfully, this season is finally over.