That was so fucking eerie. That voice over the loudspeaker was some “Purge” type shit.

No one was killed thanks to the Nashville police who evacuated everyone in the vicinity at 6am. I can’t imagine what the damage could’ve been if they weren’t tipped off in time.

It takes a certain kind of animal to want to murder people on Christmas. Especially in Nashville. Nashville is one of the nicest most beautiful cities in the country and the people are awesome. It’s the Mecca for bachelor/bachelorette parties. It’s got a mile long stretch of bars and every one has someone singing in them who could probably be famous, great surrounding neighborhoods like the Gulch, and hot chicken. I love hot chicken.

It doesn’t help this was the shittiest year the people of Nashville have ever experienced. This explosion, a pandemic for a city that relies HEAVY on tourism, and a tornado that wiped out a section of Nashville in March. I can’t wait til they find this guy. Tie this dude up to the Honky Tonk, let him die by 1000 cuts, but before he bites the dust pour 10 gallons of Nashville hot chicken sauce into his cuts and light him on fire. Seems like a fitting punishment for this Grinch who tried to ruin Christmas.

What I never understood was do the people who do these things go into it knowing they are going to get caught? When’s the last time someone got away with domestic terrorism? The FBI doesn’t miss. This dude’s going to be eating cock-meat sandwiches in Guantanamo Bay by New Years Eve.