SOURCE – For instance, The Athletic learned that Harden has had multiple verbal confrontations with teammates in practice on Sunday and Monday, and one confrontation included Harden throwing a basketball at a teammate on Monday.

Sources say Harden and rookie Jae’Sean Tate had a heated exchange during Monday’s practice, culminating in Harden throwing the ball in Tate’s direction. The ball did not hit Tate. Interactions like these between teammates during practice can be part of a normal, competitive environment.  Harden, however, is known by those in the organization as a laid-back and calm personality —especially as superstars go — and some around the franchise are viewing this as rising to an uncharacteristic level of frustration given his ongoing situation.

Are the Sixers going to have to give away anything for James Harden at this point? Maybe Tobias Harris and a 2nd rounder just to sweeten the pot a little? Because by the time February rolls around James Harden is going to have the Rockets and Tilman Fertita so much by the balls that he has to make a move. Listen I too would not want to play with two guys in John Wall & Demarcus Cousins fresh off of two ACL tears each when I only have a couple years left and my last contract is in two years.

I know the Rockets are standing firm that they need a “star, multiple firsts, and a good player on a rookie deal” but guess who else tried that. Tom Thibodeau and the Timberwolves before Jimmy Jimmy Butler took the third stringers and beat up on Karl Anthony Towns & Andrew Wiggins then immediately gave an interview to Rachel Nichols.

You know what they got back for Jimmy? Dario Saric, Robert Covington, Jerryd Bayless, and a 2nd. None of them are still on the team after three years and Wiggins was shipped to Golden State for D’Angelo Russell.

Now that Giannis ruined the excitement of free agency by signing a mega-deal before the season we’re going to need James Harden to carry the load for our entertainment. There’s not many things better than locker room and practice stories leaking out. Remember when Andrew Bynum shooting the basketball wherever he caught it right before getting suspended by the Cavaliers. JR Smith throwing soup on Damon Jones, Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton (who’s in jail for murder now) pulling guns on each other, or Allen Iverson’s famous practice rant.