Philadelphia is extending its COVID-19 restrictions through the middle of January as city officials are concerned with a spike in cases following the holidays. Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said Tuesday restrictions for the riskiest businesses, like indoor dining and casinos, will now last through Jan. 15.

The riskiest settings include: Indoor dining, Indoor gatherings and events, Theaters, Casinos, Colleges, Indoor organized sports

We can’t afford to have more case spikes like that Thanksgiving spike,” Dr. Farley said.

The health commissioner did say, though, that some lower risk businesses and activities will be allowed to resume on Jan. 4 if case rates do not rise more than expected. Those include: Museums, Outdoor sports, Gyms, In-person learning for high schools Outdoor catered events

We don’t do political on the blog. But this isn’t political this is common fucking sense.

Merry Christmas to everyone except Jim Kenney.

You’re not even giving restaurants a fucking chance. You’re literally watching someone drown and refusing to help. What the fuck does this guy not get? People don’t want to eat outside in sub-zero temperatures no matter how much they love the place. We can’t order take-out every god damn day when we’re getting stimulus checks that aren’t even half the price of the suits he wears. These restaurants need relief. We just spent the last 20 years building up one of the best food scenes in the country just to have it torn down in less than 12 months. And if you don’t think this drunk is sneaking in the backdoor of the Union League or some speakeasy in the city you’re out of your fucking mind. Restaurants are setting up god damn indoor fortresses like they’re Fort Knox so I can enjoy Miller Lites and a cheeseburger, but being in an actual insulated area is too much? Fucking Harper’s Garden built god damn greenhouses for people to sit in. How is this not considered indoors??

We’re going to open up museums? Large institutions backed by elite & private donors who buy a painting for $2 million if Picasso queefed on it. Pretentious douchebags are allowed to go support some rich artist who painted a bowl of fruit and some asshole called it a masterpiece, but we can’t help support our friends who had their livelihoods ripped from them due to an event that no one could prepare for. Hardworking people don’t matter in this city. If you built up your business to become a staple in the community go fucking kick rocks.

I worked in the industry in college and still had it as a side gig up until COVID hit. The place I bartended at, Founding Fathers, closed. Six years of blood, sweat and tears the owners put into making it one of the best sports bars in Grad Hospital went poof in 7 short months. 30+ employees basically told, “fuck you. find another job.” in a city that wasn’t hiring service people. A lot of industry people survive paycheck to paycheck because they’re lifers and to an extent it’s a fault of their own they could never save money, but a lot are going to college or pursuing a creative passion that pays zilch. A lot of the people who start in the industry work towards one day owning a spot. They spend 15-20 years trying to achieve that goal, saving what they can, and most if not all don’t live comfortably. When they do finally save enough they are then given 20 more problems between hiring, bills, upkeep, renovations, and running the spot. A lot of these bars rents are $15 to $30k a month. I knew a bar that had a clause in the contract when the previous owner sold to them. That if they defaulted on one payment the previous owners could take the bar back no questions asked. These people are relying on the generosity of their landlord’s to not charge rent, when the landlords need to make a living themselves to no fault of their own. That’s why it’s so hard to watch neighborhood staples like Urban Saloon have to close it’s doors a week before Christmas until after the New Year with no idea if they’ll ever sling another beer again. And now the restrictions are extended with no concrete evidence cases rose because of indoor dining and the city still can’t provide relief. If you can survive making fucking $924 million in accounting errors you can survive providing some funds so restaurants aren’t boarded up all over the city.