Damn what an absolutely amazing gesture by Alan Horwitz to save the day. Three days before Christmas and the Angelos crew is going to be able to enjoy the holidays with their families instead of stressing over how they’ll pay the bills. If you follow Angelos on Instagram you know how awesome Danny, Jared, and the guys are. Their story is always 30 videos long, but it’s entertaining as fuck and you get to see the personalities behind some of the best food in the city. Easily some of the best pizza and the best cheesesteak (and bread) in the city. Look at this beauty!

Unfortunately, they already had to close due to an employee testing positive for COVID last week. To add to that already shitty week there was a fire in the shop which flooded the whole place closing them indefinitely days before Christmas.

Well in steps Alan Horwitz. He’s the guy who stands next to the Sixers bench in his 76 jersey waving a towel, fighting with Kyle Lowry, and holding up signs during games.

A couple months ago Angelo’s introduced the Sixth Man pie to the menu. A 1/2 Sausage 1/2 Pepperoni pie and with every purchase $1.76 is donated to Philly Youth Basketball.

This isn’t the only kind thing Alan has done this month. He spent more than $1 million on Johnny Bench memorabilia at an auction and then donated it back to him. Bench wanted to help pay for college of the two sons he inherited recently. Since he only made $2.2 million in his career the easiest thing for him to do was unload some memorabilia. Alan took Bench out to dinner the day before the auction and asked him which memorabilia he would keep if he could. So Alan worked with the auction house to outbid anyone on those select items. Some of the items he even paid double for what they were originally estimated at. Just an all around good guy who deserves a Sixers championship before he dies.