Alright I’m just piling on now, but I haven’t seen 4 touchdowns from my quarterback since 12/10/2017 when Carson Wentz had 4 TDs and almost had a 5th until his ACL, MCL, and PCL moved further away from each other than people from Delco move from their parents. To many to decide so let’s go to the people.

1). 1st and Goal; Down 6 in the 3rd Quarter

How about the one where he shook off 250 lb All-Pro safety Budda Baker? Not even having all of his center of gravity under him after he was tripped up by the defensive lineman?

2). Scooping up the fumble and launching a pea to Dallas Goedert on the game winning drive

If Hurts would’ve won the game I was going to call Canton myself. That big motherfucker would’ve been knocking on the Eagles locker room door to deliver the news before Jalen had time to shower.

3) 3rd and Goal TD to Greg Ward to get within 5*(6).

This one mostly belongs to Greg Ward getting his feet down inbounds, but there is no denying this ball is perfectly placed where only Ward can get it. This was also after the Eagles started down 16-0 and had safety, punt, blocked punt their first 3 drives of the game. Not to mention Hurt’s 3rd TD of the half.

4) 4th & 3 Touchdown to Greg Ward with a defender in his face

I said it in the recap from last night…but Carson decapitates the popcorn guy in the 5th row if he’s in on this play. #31 coming off the edge would’ve spooked him and he would’ve either tried to make a Superman play going back to his right or just threw it out of bounds and we’re going the other way.

5) Quez Watkins 31 yd scamper after he puts the Cardinals defense in the spin cycle

This one has less to do with Jalen and more to do with Quez Watkins showing us he has an ounce of life in him. But you still gotta make the throw on 3rd and 20. The best ability is availability.

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