TAKE A FUCKING BOW DANA WHITE! I love Dana White just sucking himself off for 5 minutes straight in a highlight video full of “Fuck You’s” and telling everyone who doubted him to take a fucking seat! Dana White should be able to take every victory lap he wants. No one thought this was going to work out when he announced it at the height of the pandemic. But he did exactly what he said he was going to do, including building a Fight Island, so his fighters and his employees could continue to make a living for themselves in a safe environment. He took on the risks when everyone told him he was insane and stuck his middle fingers up at his critics. The same critics whose companies invested $1.3 billion in ad space. He found a solution when everyone told him he couldn’t. Don’t you think restaurants and small businesses wish they could have the chance to safely take their situation into their own hands? Of course. Instead the government shut down indoor dining with no concrete data that’s where the spread was occurring and expect people to eat while freezing outside and providing 0 relief to restaurant owners or their staff.

And let’s call a spade a spade…those pockets did get lined Dana.