I’ve seen everything I needed to see, get the gold jacket hemmed. Down 16-0 to start, a bonehead safety on your first drive, two punts (one blocked) on your next two series, everyone’s making Wentz jokes before you’ve even broken a sweat, and you come back to have 3 TDs in the first half! One on fourth down standing poised in the pocket. Carson Wentz would’ve launched this into the 5th row once he saw #31 off the edge within 5 feet of him.

His first half stat line would’ve been the best game of Carson Wentz’s season.

The next time Carson Wentz see’s the field he’ll be wearing a different color. The Wentz Era is dead. Jalen Hurts has a lot he still needs to work on, but he has “it”…the same “it” Carson had in 2016 when we fell in love with him.

This isn’t a Wentz vs. Hurts situation anymore either. It’s about what’s best for the team. Whoever puts this team in a better position to win plays. There’s absolutely no shot at the Eagles are in that game with Carson Wentz playing. We’re looking at a 34-17 loss with a last minute 15 yd Wentz scamper with under 2 minutes so the narrative of how he always plays to the final whistle takes precedent. I appreciate everything Wentz did for the Eagles, we don’t win in 2017 without him, but whoever makes this offense go is playing and it’s a no-brainer that Jalen Hurts is the guy right now. There hasn’t been a morsel of talk about Doug’s playcalling since Jalen’s taken over. Eat the $60 million, remove all distractions, and let’s be ready to go into 2021.

Or not.

It’d be a real shame if the mailman happened to stuff the Wentz’s mailbox with this Tumi Semi-Annual ad going on for Christmas.

Dave Fipp & Rick Lovato will be getting a Venmo request tonight for fucking up the +6 spread.