There are a lot of dads in the Northeast and Delco contemplating whether the Fighting Irish tattoo on their back right calf was the right decision in the long term. By the way which lineman found out Ian Book fucked his girlfriend this week? That’s the only answer why they refused to block for him once tonight right? You can’t make this stuff up. Notre Dame taking an ass whooping on national television is becoming more common than the sun rising. Is this bad? This seems bad.

Honest question: If you’re a Notre Dame fan other than money why would you want ND in the CFP semis? The anxiety you experience alone leading up to every game has to be debilitating enough. Is it really worth it just to be embarrassed? This isn’t the 80s anymore. Notre Dame is known more for losing than it is for winning. Does Notre Dame even break the top 10 when debating successful football programs since 2000? What’s your recruiting pitch? Come to Notre Dame. Great education, gold roofs, and when we get to the playoff you’re going to be embarrassed in front of millions of people and loved ones? South Bend is a shit hole. You have to play for one of the biggest assholes in world who killed a guy (people forget that). Not one time has Brian Kelly shown up in a nationally televised game outside of South Bend. Did he just pray to Touchdown Jesus, Brent Venables wasn’t going to make any adjustments to his gameplan from the last time?

It’s sad to see a once proud football program like Notre Dame prefer to play in the Duke Mayo Bowl then in the national spotlight. Probably should have to give back those fake titles you won back in WWII before the forward pass was introduced.

Now Notre Dame should be in the playoff. But if you’re an alumni you gotta write to the President and ask them protest the semis as a wellbeing for their fans. Notre Dame fan’s arteries are already clogged from years of wear and tear brought on by baked beans, meatloaf, and the Celtic Curse of alcoholism. They’d be liable for murder if they put their fans through this to welcome in the New Year. If you’re a real fan on Notre Dame you can’t have them embarrassing you again.