Imagine having $50k hanging in the balance and Cleveland Browns Brady Quinn rears his head! Poor Batool has 10 years of biology to pay for and Brady Quinn scored in less holes than Manti Te’o senior year. Not even Urban Meyer could deny this pummeling of a helpless target.

I missed Twitter freaking out over the Dr. Pepper challenge because someone is chest passing it into the hole., but I think we found a better alternative. Have millionaires that don’t give a fuck about whether these kids win or lose play against each other. You think Matt Leinart cares whether Batool or Carlo finish college? I mean what the fuck were those mechanics? Just taking his sweet ass time going through his progressions while Carlo is wondering if he was going to eat tonight. Terrible timing for OC Cali Leinart to show up. USC welcomed OJ back faster than Leinart was getting that ball out.

It could’ve been worse. Imagine having your financial stability rely on Reggie Bush’s noodle arm. Pitched that ball worse than the ’06 Rose Bowl.