..Gail…Barely knew her. The first snow storm of the year happened Wednesday 12/16/20, and let me start off by saying this, do I normally blog on the regular no absolutely not, but when I do it’s like pure gold coming out of these finger tips (GOLDEN FINGERS). What I’m doing right now is sitting at my kitchen bar, just finished a coffee threw a fat dip in my mouth and contemplating, what type of blog I am actually writing for, I say this because first big snow storm of the year and nobody wrote about it, like WTF. I am the outsider here will i chap some asses along the way hell yeah it’s what I do, but how does nobody write about it???? First monster storm in two years and we live in the city where people are doing dumbass shit because there’s snow. Granted we only got about 6 inches but in the city it’s like living in Alaska, because nobody plows the street, and people forget how to drive it’s quite unbelievable to be honest. I fucking watched a mini garbage truck get stuck on my side street this morning with four guys standing around the back of it like they where going to pick it up with there eyes and place it back on the dry ground what fucking idiots. But let’s hop right into this i have some stories about the past that might get you to tickle yourself.

Snow storms are they evident when you live in the state of PA yes, I can honestly say PA is one of the coolest states you can live in because of the weather. It’s only of a couple states where you get all the seasons for example summers are hotter than the sun, winters are colder than a muther fucker, fall is for basic bitches, and spring which is just the huge turning point for drinking season if you are a booze hound it’s like opening day of baseball. Do I like the snow eh, its a hit or miss type deal for me, i dont’ do any cool winter activities but i appreciate scenery.

Hey lets hop right into this snow storm, is this a normal snow storm of the past fuck no, i say this because we are still in this semi lock down jail situation where being safe is staying in your house and playing with your dick. Where as when we knew we were getting a ton of snow, the boys were going to buzz and when i mean buzz i’m taking punching a ticket to blackout city, and calling out of work the next because we were having a Celine Dion moment at the local watering hole.

Let me take you through an easy 3 step play by of how this “NOr Easter” would of went down.

  1. You call your boys or girls and game plan where you are going to post up for 6-8 hours not giving a single fuck in the world.

2. Arrive to the bar dump about 100 dollars of touch tune credits into the juke box and hit play next every time so no one can get into your vibe.

3. you drink as much as you can because your on that stair way to heaven being on the ultimate HIGH!

You’re Welcome. Please use this at your next convenience and thank me later.

Now most of you that don’t know me I always try to back in time and have a little story relating to the topic. what’s sad about this is two things i don’t remember all my epic times and the other is it makes me sad like a puppy dog face because of how electric that day had been.

Back in the day when we lived in Manayunk, and we had ourselves a day. We walked to our favorite bar which was about any where from 9-7 iron away according to the caddy. Ask me if we had a great relationship with the bar i dare you, but to answer it quick yes yes we did it was Cuddys, anyone who reads this and has been there before yes, it was a college bar but we made it home for quite some time and to this day i miss it because we had no rules. but on this particular snow day, we had our usual corner where we posted up for 8 hours ripping beers having people be pissed off at us because we owned the juke box and nobody could play a song. I watched these preppy as fucks from St Joe’s (Hawk is dead) keeping feeding it 20 but in reality they might of heard there song next year what idiots. LOL I mean granted they were trying so hard to get a beer that it might of took 10-15 mins and they look at us and the bartenders just kept it flowing for us like didn’t even have to ask if we wanted another. Which brings up a great point ALWAYS TIP YOUR BARTENDERS PERIOD.

I’m honestly just going to end it with that, simply becaue i’m way to scattered brain right now and I would have my self going in circles nascar fast but quick funny story see i’m fucked up but, once my friends and I were on our way to Orchard Park Buffalo NY “Hammer Lot” and we are at the city hall beaucase my copilot didn’t put the exact address in to our Air BnB and it took us to there city hall which is a just a circle and let me tell you something i scared my passengers because we were going fast like a nascar race electric moment in my life.

OK OK i’m really done but one day i hope to meet the rest of the team collaborate ideas and really chap some ass but until then.

Buddy Cool —OUT.

PS. I could of talked a lot longer but my Adderall has my mind racing, and i don’t want to put anyones brain in a pretzel if it wasn’t already.