Whatever position of power this guy has in Britain STRIP IT AWAY IMMEDIATELY!! The Brits can’t be having a guy who sits down like he just got yelled at by his mom for running around a doctor’s office waiting room. I’ve seen Vontaze Burfict hits with less punishment than what that leather bench took. You’re probably thinking maybe he just got done politic’ing and filibustering for 10 hours and his body just shut down on him. Nope. This dude Matt Hancock is a weirdo. Like lock him up and throw away the key weirdo. Here he is wondering how he was going to lure this reporter into his car and into the hole in his basement so he could make her into a skin suit and dance to Goodbye Horses with his junk taped back.

This guy is a cyborg plain and simple. Look at the the fucking performance from him this week. Couldn’t even spit in his hand or something to wipe on his face for some semblance of tears. Those eyeballs are more dehydrated than Lamar Jackson on Monday Night.

I’m all for a little parkour to get the blood pumping, but I like my politicians to write laws not jump walls.

Look how he holds a microphone. He definitely sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” because it’s like 8 minutes long. If you pick a song more than 3:30 during karaoke you’re an asshole.

Stiff-arming dudes at town hall meetings like he’s AP.

Look I know wrangling in a global pandemic for the first time in 100 years isn’t the easiest. But this has to be the most hateable guy in Britain. Look at him playing the countries national sport! If you know you’re going to photograph like that you need to get the ‘yes men’ out of your life and someone who’s going to tell it to you like it is. If this was a U.S. politician he would’ve been roasted so badly on Twitter his only option was to cease campaigning and change his name. Can’t look like this on a fair catch and run the south where football means more than breathing.