This is not good news if you’re a Sixers fan. Depending on who you talk to. Just last week new President of Basketball Operations was asked some questions via his Instagram and this one of his repsonses.

I get it. James Harden was the guy Daryl Morey brought to NBA superstar status when he acquired him all the way back in 2012. You can’t tell the media that you want to keep Simmons and Embiid together and just all the sudden change your mind. I mean you can but not the best way to start off your career in a sports city like Philadelphia.

The good news is Big Daddy WOJ per usual tells Shams to go sit at the kids table as he tweeted this.

This means a deal is far from done and it might have been a leak from the Rockets camp to get other offers from other contending teams.

So far this is leaked offer the Rockets want from the Sixers.

Ya not gonna happen.