I don’t think this is NSFW. Is a man’s bare ass on a Twitter NSFW? I don’t think the IP registers like that. If you’re worried don’t click the tweets or go on your personal phone. Great ass. Lot of squats.

Anyway you have to be a complete psychopath to willingly take on a social media job for a Fortune 500 company or news station. Imagine being in charge of the Subway Twitter when Jared chose to binge on kiddy porn instead of Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. Or the employee at SpaghettiOs who just wanted to make sure every widow craved a warm bowl of SpaghettiOs when she thought of her husband on 9/11.

But that’s the beauty of social media. It’s the Wild West out here. One moment it’s kid’s snowball fighting the next it looks like pre-production B Roll for Backroom Casting Couch. That’s the thrill of engagement we chase. You think the social media coordinator cares she’s gotta look at this guy’s exquisite ass crack 30 times? That’s engagement. These are impressions she can use at her end of the year review next week to get that promotion. If someone wants to comment 30x on every Wooderboys post this dudes sphincter what the fuck do I care? I’ll take that to advertisers and tell them we’re doing 2 million impressions a month with less than 1000 followers. I’ll take this guy’s bunghole to the bank.