Someone wake up the Wawa CEO because he’s asleep at the wheel. I’m pretty sure the guy who runs Sheetz is just a dude who cleans the bathrooms in a location off I-80, but he’s giving the King of Hoagiefest a swirly right now. This idea is a no brainer for a stocking stuffer, it benefits all parties involved. A free $50 bet on Christmas Eve so you can take the over in the Hawaii Bowl. There’s nothing better then sitting around the TV rooting for points with your cousins. Sometimes the uncle’s even get in on it to prove they know what they’re talking about and then side bets are being thrown around. Every now and again the new boyfriend of your sister’s proves he’s a keeper because he’s yelling at Colt Brennan (every Hawaii QB is forever Colt Brennan) to get in the endzone of a 52-7 game cause the over is 63.5.

Last year, I took my uncle for $50 on Christmas Eve on the over for BYU/Hawaii at 65 in one of the sweatiest games to memory. Both teams scored 55 points in the first half, only 7 in the 3rd quarter, BYU knocked a field goal in to start of the 4th, and I had to sweat it out until Colt Brennan threw a TD with 44 seconds left to finally hit. Not many better feelings than your uncle having to stop at the bank early Christmas morning and handing you a crisp $50 bill over some pancakes. That’s what the holidays are all about.

Does this new offer spark an uptick in the sale of Hummer’s? If you’ve got a wife who checks the statements it’s a lot easier to explain the $700/month you spent at 7-Eleven when you have a tank that has to be refilled every 30 miles. Think about it.

Also – Squirrel patrol might be onto something.