I feel personally called out by Jason Kelce and now I hate myself for it. I’ve been looking towards the draft since Week 2 when Carson looked like a shell of his former self. I could care less if they lost every game after that Giants win on Thursday Night Football. I thought we needed a complete overhaul and heads had to roll for us to be successful long term. I mean on today’s podcast (Apple & Spotify) I called for the Eagles to mortgage the future for Trevor Lawrence.

Well now I’m a big enough man to say I’m a complete fool who should have to belly flop off the Ben Franklin Bridge into the abyss of the Delaware; maybe to never resurface. Now I want the Eagles to run it back with the same exact team next year because Jason Kelce convinced me the Eagles can turn it around with one free agent because they have a winning culture. Obviously one free agent turning this 4 win mess around next season is unlikely, but Bryce Treggs talked about the impact Alshon Jeffery had on the wide receiver room when he was picked up in free agency.

The Process and the revolutionary ideas of Sam Hinkie broke me. Stockpile picks in hopes of being competitive in 5 years is not something that will work in the NFL. The 49ers last year went to the Super Bowl after going 4-12 the year before. The Bears went 8-8 last year after going 12-4 the year prior. Hell we went 7-9 the season before winning the Super Bowl. For the last 20 years we’ve had a winning culture. Imagine being the Jets, Dolphins, Jaguars, or Lions. The worst of the worst franchises for the last 2 decades. You’d sometimes think we’re in the same class because we just eat each other from the inside and stomp on every optimistic viewpoint we make.

I’m now convinced this team isn’t as far off as we think they are from getting back to where we were two years ago and it’s because of the winning culture. I think you need to move Howie to the back of the NovaCare Complex so he can focus on the cap situation and bring in a GM with a history of talent evaluation. But if we can fix the wide receiver core, secondary, and figure out the QB situation I think we have a sturdy core of players and coaches that could see us back on top next year.

Now whenever I get pessimistic about the Eagles I’m going to pull up this clip on my phone and watch it until I feel good again. (This is hyperbole to make me think I will as I’m bashing this team come 5:25pm Sunday and Jalen Hurts has turned back into a pumpkin. But it’s the thought that counts.)

Extend Doug.