The NBA just announced the new Earned Edition jerseys for some NBA teams. The way you “earn” them is if you make the playoffs the previous season. Here is the Sixers prototype.

I mean come on!! How do we always get the worst jerseys! These look exactly like the putrid city edition jerseys of last years except they just put a huge bell in the front to represent Philadelphia! I also see NO CRACK on that bell! Also not shocked we were given the worst jerseys out of any playoff team because we were in the bubble for the shortest amount of time of any playoff team. Karma is a bitch.

To be fair so far out of all the earned jerseys that have been leaked. All of them look terrible.

Except the Denver Nuggets. That jersey is sexier then Jamaal Murray’s girlfriend. Also I kind of like the Rockets, but James Harden can’t even fit in it now so who cares.

Let me tell you. These are no City Edition jerseys. Those things are sexy.

Not only does it represent a part of Philadelphia that really isn’t talked about that much but it also has excellent color scheme and I would pay the $110 that it cost if I didn’t already spend all my Hannukah money on an imaginary PS5 because I can’t find it anywhere.

Sadly the truth is that these jerseys will never be good enough because all Sixers fan want are the 2000-2001 throwbacks.

While I don’t find this jersey as appealing as other, there is no doubt that that year is one of the greatest years in Sixers history and it is the 20th anniversary since Allen Iverson led a group of misfits and Dikembe Mutumbo to a NBA Finals. Until fans see these jerseys on the court again everyone on Twitter aren’t going to be satisfied with any new jersey combo we’re given.