SOURCE Brett Favre went on his weekly SiriusXM NFL Radio show and praised what Hurts did in toppling the New Orleans Saints and their league-best defense. “As I watched that game, I couldn’t help but think, over and over again, this looks like a legitimate Philly team,” Favre said on his show, The SiriusXM Blitz with Brett Favre. “I was kind of taken back to the year they won the Super Bowl.”

Well, now that’s saying something. There is still plenty of work to be done for Hurts and the Eagles if they want to take it to that level. Odds are, they won’t. Nor is Favre saying they will.

Here’s more of what he did say: “They played a heck of a football game against a heck of a football team. They beat the Saints, and it wasn’t a fluke. They played their butts off. And you have to give credit where credit is due.

“Jalen Hurts played an excellent football game. He gave them a spark. And again, I’m not knocking Carson Wentz. I’ve said on the show that I was surprised that they didn’t go with Nick Foles, but that’s not a knock against Carson Wentz. What Carson can do well is certainly different from what Jalen does well. And we knew that Jalen could give them that element of scrambling, the threat of run, but it was even better than I thought it could have been. He played outstanding.”

Imagine your childhood idol making it his mission to tell everyone how much you suck. I understand he has to talk about it on his radio show because the Hurts/Wentz topic is the hottest in the NFL right now. But could you imagine Allen Iverson walking into your insurance sales job? You’re already having a bad month, the wife’s on your ass because you won’t be hitting your quota so that means the kid’s are getting less Christmas presents than last year, some new hotshot insurance agent asshole was just promoted and has been giving you unsolicited advice like “visualize the sale, bro” or some douchey shit like that. Then you’re watching Allen Iverson in the breakroom on ESPN eating your sad ass tuna fish sandwich and he tells Stephen A. how much John from Prudential in Voorhees, NJ sucks at his job. Debilitating. The guy who’s jersey you wore to the Wachovia Center and shoes you made your parents by for CYO basketball even though they looked like colorful cinderblocks is shitting all over you in front of millions. And then doubles down after you lose your job, the house, wife and kids two weeks before Christmas.

Someone tell Favre to stick to unsolicited dick pic’s and leave the advice to someone who doesn’t have soup for brains. I know he understands the in’s and out’s of fraud, but Carson Wentz ain’t that. Carson just needs a change of scenery. Take care of ya’ll mentals and chicken.

Carson could end up having the same type of career as Favre did. Favre was a 1st round pick for the Falcons who flamed out, had injuries, and was battling a pill addiction. Once Mike Holmgren and Green Bay traded for him they gave him a new lease on life and decided the organization would do whatever it took to get Favre right.

From ESPN’s Tim McManus

“There was a great speech that was given by Mike Holmgren when the Packers traded for Brett Favre [in 1992]. So Favre was a bust in Atlanta and a lot of people criticized [former GM] Ron Wolf for giving up a first-round pick for a guy that couldn’t start in Atlanta, and Holmgren went to Steve Mariucci and Jon Gruden and Andy Reid and a whole bunch of other great coaches and said, ‘Hey, guess what? We’re all in this together. And this organization will do whatever it takes to make Brett Favre successful. He can take us to where we want to go.’

Can’t wait for this to play out He’s going to win another Super Bowl with Frank Reich isn’t he…

P.S. That made up situation with Allen Iverson is loosely based on my first job out of college.

I had a sales job for 10 months right out of college selling Enterprise Software, I still don’t know what that means. Couldn’t sell shit, couldn’t give it away. The old smile and dial 300 calls a day of people telling you to fuck off and never call again. Real Boiler Room shit. The owner was some straight off the boat dude from Ireland who would just rip into anyone sight unseen. You have a bad call he’d just say “shit call” and I’d dial someone else. Have two in a row you could see his blood start to boil. If you had three he’d tell you to “fuck off”, lay into you in front of the whole floor, and storm back to his office. This guy used to have two 24 oz. Wawa coffees before 10am and I never once saw him leave to take a shit. That’s not humanly possible. At one point I was so bad he moved his stuff out of his comfy office to sit next to me and listen to me make calls while coaching me after every single one. It was fucking torture, but the euphoria of coming close to a sale, even the client asking buying questions was like the best heroine in the world. But, to make matters worse they just hired some kid right out of college and he sold something like two weeks after he started. I’d been there for 6 months. I got fired on a cold Friday on December 11th. Seven months after I should’ve been fired honestly. I still think of my Irish boss all the time and wonder if he’s ever taken a shit before.