There it is! The first one of the year always feels like Christmas came early! Who cares corona cases are higher than EDP445’s blood pressure. Blow those nose germs all over the place Ben because it’s time to get the season started after a complete overhaul in three short months.

I’ll tell you something… I didn’t expect Daryl Morey to answer with an emoji of his own! I literally looked at my scree, mouth hanging down to my ankles because I couldn’t believe we had an executive in Philly that actually gets it. How the fuck did we get here after being swept by the Celtics in August and looking like there was no direction? Remember when I wanted Jay Wright to coach this team? That fraud can’t even beat Virginia Tech! It’s a different ballgame here in the big leagues. You can’t get by with fresh Louis Vuitton suits and a toupee. We eat analytics and crap out strategy now.

Between that tweet and his AMA on Sixers Reddit and Instagram this weekend Uncle Daryl is cementing himself as the #1 guy in the city.

What music does he listen to while making trades? Only one of the baddest bitches pop has ever seen

We’re going 1-2 in the MVP race. How he wants to be remembered. And this defense is going to be looking like the 2008 Doc Rivers Celtics.

When’s the last time we had an executive that was universally beloved in Philly? Pat Gillick? Pat Croce? Howie Roseman probably would’ve been in that conversation 2 years ago, but you can definitely argue now the wrong kid died at the mill, now he’s in New York.

I know you read everything Daryl so just wanted to say hi and can you adopt me? Feel free to respond to say hi back.