Editors Note: This is Buddy Busch and a lot of you don’t know him because a lot of you are new. He’s kinda like herpes. He just comes and goes, typically in the winter. One day he’ll just find a topic and go for a couple hundred words. Today there’s an outbreak.

Hi there, yes I’m back golf season is over, time to get the big brain working again, and not worry about chasing birdies( I mean chicks). Hopefully everyone is staying sane during these tough times of COVID, and if your not I’m here to spread some cheer!

As I lay here on my bed this girl I know who is a friend, but not a girlfriend ewww girls jk jk sent me this link. Titled “Former Israeli space chief says aliens exist and Trump Knows about it.

(WOODER KYLE BLOCK HEAD let me knw if i could use this source haven’t made a bibliography in years.)

I looked at the title and said self maybe you should read this, she was so enthusiastic about this i decided to give it a read. Little did i know what kind of whirlwind i was getting into, so i started reading (Yes i know how to read humble brag) yade yade yade yade it basically says what we knew about aliens years ago and then it gets to a part where they signed documents. hmmmm aliens and astronauts signing documents sounds kinda fishy to me. My brain is now racing so hard that i’m like this is bullshit theres no fucking way there were documents signed let alone signed in space, what do these aliens have like a hub where they meet random fucks to sign documents about keeping secrets from everyone, yea no i’m not believing this one, though the source is google, this is click bait, must of been an off day at google where they needed more clicks. greedy fuckers.

Here’s kinda how the conversation went with the girl who is a friend but not a girlfriend (Cough COugh) but not.

Let me recap this conversation with do I think I chapped her ass, Yes yes i do think that, did i take the wind out of that sail of aliens being on earth or the space hub, yes yes i do, do i think everyone needed this pick me up on hump day yes yes i do, will there be more who knows i come and go as I please.

PS: If spaceship fuck boy want to make a believer out of me, tell these aliens to come down here and play me in pop a shot at my favorite bar during happy. GET ON MY LEVEL.

Dawgs go to the pound!

-Buddy Cool-