I have yet to locate eyes on Coach Gary, but sources are saying the man who let his blood pressure climb to levels that would kill weaker men is in fact….TURNING HEEL?!?

That’s a more shocking heel turn then Hulk Hogan joining NWO.

But there’s a new sheriff in town and if he plays half as good as he gets fits off then we might as well get that gold jacket steam pressed, hemmed, and placed on the broad shoulders of our rookie QB.

Do I want to see Carson Wentz get benched? No. I want anyone who can play QB at a competent level come in here and lead this franchise to another Super Bowl. If this team looked like a Super Bowl contender with Hannibal Lecter under center I would be content having to maybe sacrifice Jason Peters and a can of Fava beans for another ride down Broad Street. Is it ideal to ruin your rookie QB in Week 14 when your team is basically out of the playoff hunt against the 3rd best defense in the league? Nope. But Doug said he’s looking to spark this offense and he just poured gasoline on an already 5 alarm fire.

Fuck it. Let’s get freaky baby.