After the Eagles fourth straight, albeit unsurprising loss to the Packers on Sunday, the thing that keeps standing out for me isn’t the juice rookie Jalen Hurts brought to the offense. It isn’t the heart the defense played with or the continued lack of pocket presence from Carson Wentz.

Every single week, this coaching staff and front office finds a new way to display its incompetence to the world. Before the game even begun, Eagles fans had more than enough reason to turn off the television and opt instead into some drinking and Netflix binging.

At the conclusion of week seven’s Thursday night victory over the Giants, perhaps the biggest positive to come out of what was clearly an absolute wash of a season was the emergence of Travis Fulgham. The Eagles have violently failed for years to find any talent at the receiver position, and they seemed to have found a legitimate threat almost by accident.

Today, The geniuses running this football team decided to start the corpse of Alshon Jeffery over a potential young star and actual piece moving forward. For the second straight week, Fulgham was targeted zero (0) times in the first half.

The amount of deference this absolute dumpster fire of an organization pays to veterans that serve no role in the future of the roster is appalling. It is beyond frustrating to watch the same old heads getting paid approximately a gazillion dollars lumber around the football field flailing their arms at errant Wentz passes.

This coaching staff and front office clearly have a very serious talent evaluation problem dating back to even last year. As Greg Ward emerged as a competent starter on a 2019 team with very few remaining, the excitement of finding a potential hidden gem was lessoned by the sheer confusion as to how they managed to overlook a member of their practice squad being one of if not the best receiver on the roster.

Speaking of Greg Ward, he has offered next to nothing returning punts this entire season. The Eagles entire special teams unit for that matter has been borderline worthless, but God forbid a single adjustment be made or another guy is given a shot.

In his first game returning punts, Jalen Reagor, who was drafted ahead of the likely NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year in Justin Jefferson for the sole reasoning that he is fast, took a punt return to the house and gave the Eagles life in a game they would inevitably lose anyway.

This team finds positives so rarely, and even when they do the actual positive from finding is diminished by how long it takes them to come to that conclusion.

The Eagles have nothing at all to lose. They are floundering at every possible aspect of football yet they seem completely unwilling to try anything new or exciting in a timely manner. This year is already a waste, so it’s time to see what they have in younger guys moving forward.

That includes Jalen Hurts. Regardless of if you think this is simply a down year or a product of the team around him, Wentz has been undeniably one of if not the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL this season. Yet, it took the Eagles until week 13, in a game Wentz wasnt even all that awful in to decide “hey maybe we should give that kid we invested an incredibly valuable resource into a shot.”

It’s insane! If they couldn’t comfortably say Hurts could give them at least what Wentz did for the first 11 games of the season, they essentially admit they made a bad pick.

Of course, Hurts did enter the game today and bring the first spark to an Eagles game since what feels like 2017. The man made two of the best throws of the entire season against a very solid Packers defense and at least proved he’s competent, which frankly Wentz hasn’t been.

What we saw from Hurts is important and exciting moving forward, and I don’t want to take away from the importance of that positive. That throw alone along with his touchdown on 4th and 18 were perhaps the most exciting offensive plays by the Eagles in over a month.

But my God, it is maddening how long these guys take to be come to foregone conclusions that casual football fans came to weeks earlier, and until that changes, none of this much matters.

The players on this team that figure to play a role in as soon as 2023 are few and far between. It’s essential to find out which of them are frauds. Every single game left on this godforsaken schedule should be used to determine that.

Unfortunately, it seems more likely given this team’s history that we are doomed to stare at old, overpaid doofuses try to steal wins from teams that actually have direction.