JAKIB Media Extends Contract With Sportscaster Harry Mayes

JAKIB Media has extended its contract with sportscaster Harry Mayes. The new show, titled Derailed, will air live on ESPN 97.3 in Philadelphia. Mayes’ other gigs include Derailed, a podcast, and a weekly sports betting column for Metro. Here’s a look at his current schedule. You can also check out his previous shows. And if you want to know what Mayes’ biggest fans think about him, read on for more information.

JAKIB Media extends contract with harry mayes

JAKIB Media has extended its contract with Harry Mayes, a radio personality with a long history in the Delaware Valley market. The two will co-host a new daily radio show, The Middle w/ Brooks & Mayes, which will air on AM1490 Sports Betting Radio in South Jersey and the Sports Map Network. The network, which has more than 125 affiliates, reaches listeners nationwide.

Mayes’ new show will air live on ESPN 97.3

Former SportsCenter anchor Harry Mayes and former Fanatic Radio co-host Eytan Shander have teamed up to start a new midday talk show. The show will air live from the Parx Casino, where Mayes and Shander first met. It will lead into Dan Le Batard’s national show at 2 p.m. Eytan Shander has several gigs in addition to his new show, including an overnight show on SB Nation Radio and a regular sport on Fox 29 on Saturdays.

Previously, “The Game” with Jon Stewart and Dave Leno has been off the air in Atlanta. Now, the station is getting new hosts. “The Fan” 680 dropped John Kincade and Stephen “Steak” Shapiro and added Joe Hamilton and Brandon Leak. Another addition to the station’s lineup is Mark Seidel, a producer at WFNZ in Charlotte. Additionally, Morley Stanwood Mohawks play-by-play voice Jeff Roberts has signed a multi-year deal with ESPN 97.3.

In other news, Stan Kushner has signed a multi-year extension with ESPN and signed a new deal with NBC Sports. Meanwhile, Dan Patrick was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the National Sports Media Association. And, on another note, Adam Candee has been named as the new voice of the New Orleans Pelicans’ Spanish broadcast. And, in addition to these changes, several other newcomers are being added to the local broadcast scene.

Mayes’ other gigs include Derailed podcast

The two have hosted a weekly radio show, “Derailed,” for ESPN Radio 97.3 in South Jersey. While the show is popular in Philadelphia, it is also available online, streaming on YouTube. The podcast is a conversational show, with many topics for discussion. Most recently, Mayes and Shander covered the Eagles’ recent loss to the Cowboys and the recent trade of Jimmy Butler.

Another of Harry Mayes’ other gigs is his weekly radio show, which he co-hosts with Eytan Shander. The duo discuss everything from the Sixers’ Week One win to the new season of Game of Thrones. Fans of the podcast can look forward to Mayes and Shander’s insights on sports topics and life advice. A weekly episode of Derailed will debut on 97.3 ESPN on April 1.

Other gigs include sports betting column for Metro and weekly live broadcasts for the Sixers on Fancred. Before the cancellation of his Super Bowl broadcast, Mayes was reportedly set to reunite with former Fanatic co-host Tony Bruno on a new show. However, that plan was derailed after MaxPro Sports Entertainment Network jumped the gun and announced a new show, “Triggered.”

Mayes’ other podcasts include Derailed podcast

In addition to his popular radio show, Mayes and Shander also have their own podcast. “Derailed” is a weekly show that discusses all sorts of sports topics and offers life advice. The podcast is currently available on 973 ESPN. During this show, Mayes and Shander discuss a variety of topics from the Sixers in Week One to the new season of Game of Thrones.

Mayes’ other shows include Derailed podcast

The first episode of Derailed Podcast featured two of the most interesting guests in the world of sports betting. Harry Mayes and Eytan Sahnder discussed their new radio show, the Sixers, and the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. Both men have extensive knowledge about sports betting, and this podcast was created to provide insight into the world of sports betting. The podcast is well-liked by fans of sports and betting and is available in both audio and video formats.

The Derailed podcast was first produced by Harry Mayes, along with Eytan Shander, on 97.3 ESPN. The show aired for three months. This week’s episode featured the two hosts discussing the Sixers’ performance in Week One and the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. The podcast features their thoughts on sports and life, with some life advice thrown in as well.

The two co-hosts previously worked on the morning show at Fanatic Radio, but the station restructured their lineup in October. Mayes and Bruno were due to reunite on the new show, but MaxPro jumped the gun and announced the new show before Mayes was even able to confirm the news. Shander, who is currently on the road for his new podcast, also has several other gigs, including an overnight show on SB Nation Radio and a regular sport on Fox 29 Saturdays.

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JAKIB Media Extends Contract With Sportscaster Harry Mayes
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