Alright here’s the deal. We’re partnering with a local premium suit shop called The Groomsman Suit on 2nd & Arch in Philadelphia to give away one suit for the month of December to a lucky person YOU nominate. Let’s be honest you have that friend, husband, groomsmen, co-worker, brother, etc who can’t dress for shit and needs a major upgrade because he’s bringing down the group dynamic. The guy’s an all time hang, your girl friends love him, but he lacks the fashion skills to seal the deal. So help get him laid. Turn him into Matthew Mara and not Rickety Cricket.

Got a groomsmen in financial hell because of the pandemic, who is worried about being able to afford a suit? Nominate him. A brother who is graduating this year and you’re scared he’ll never get a job because of his GPA? I guarantee you he goes into that interview with his new Groomsman Suit and they’ll hand him the offer letter on the spot. This is a no brainer. We’re all going to be in 20 weddings in the next 5 years because everyone’s was delayed.

The Rules:

-Email with a story why we should choose your buddy. Include first/last name, email address, phone number so we can contact them if they win.

-Include pictures so we can really get a sense of what we’re dealing with

-Winner will be voted on by the readers/listeners so rally the troops

The Winner Receives:

At the end of the month we’ll pick the mess that needs the most help and he/she (ladies too, we’re talking power blazers galore) will get a 1 on 1 private custom suit fitting with a Showroom Manager in person or virtually to decide on the custom suit of their choice (excluding the premium options).

For Groomsmen: If you nominate someone in your party and they win, The Groomsman Suit will give your entire party an extra 10% off if you book your group with them. Make sure you’re the hottest looking groomsmen a bridal party has ever seen.

If you like the podcast and you like what we do support it by submitting so many nominations PJ has to spend his entire winter break reading them. If there are a lot of submissions The Groomsman Suit will do this promo again and who knows maybe I’ll get them to double it.

If you don’t have time to wait til the end of the month The Groomsman Suit offers all suits under $200.