If you don’t know what Fall Guys is you’re in for a wild ride. The best way to describe it is it’s the simplest yet most frustrating Battle Royale multiplayer game out there right now. Basically you just control a Flubber looking character and try to beat 60 other Flubbers in a bunch of different challenges and the last guy standing wins. People can be dick heads and throw you off or you can be launched to Mars from some spinny obstacles. It’s a dog eat dog world in the land of Fall Guys. The trailer will help explain more.

That’s all it is. Seems easy right? Wrong. Gary and PJ have played hours of Fall Guys and haven’t come close to a win. They’ve put life on hold. Gary had off from work one day and played for 4 hours. They’ve told their families, wives, and friends to piss off as they chase the heroin high of a Fall Guys victory. I’m talking 100 rounds each easy and still nothing.

So this is what we’re going to do. For every round they lose (and there are going to be many, they fucking blow at this game) they’ll add a $1 each into a pot. I wouldn’t be shocked if this pot reaches $1,000 before they get a win. I’m honestly nervous we’re going to have to cap it at like $5k or something. They might bankrupt this whole thing that I’ll have to move back in with my mom. Take these clips for reference:

Once they win we’ll give the entire pot to a lucky follower of The Wooderboys who subscribes to the podcast. All you have to do is take a screenshot of you subscribed to the Podcast and tweet it at us @Wooderboys. Simple you’re now in the running to win $1k.

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