I literally just fucking started blogging for the first time in a month because I actually missed it and this is the third one in a matter of 10 minutes on top of the Flyers and Phillies move. Can we fucking pause the world for a second? Fucking A.

Anyway I hope Jason Peters didn’t get to comfortable at right guard because now instead of two offsides a game there we’ll have the luxury of the Bodyguard doing his famed left leg horse kick a milisecond before Carson Wentz calls hike and it will end up backing them up 5 yards and killing a second half drive with momentum.

Also, I don’t know where Adam Schefter gets his sources but I’m pretty sure nobody was calling Andre Dillard’s camp “dominant”.

Danny Watkins 2.0 coming atcha live from the 215!

Also, I’m getting in front of the radio shows with this take: If Doug Pederson cared more about police brutality and social justice, and cancelled today’s practice like other teams did. We would still have our starting LT healthy.

610-632…let’s go to the phones!

P.S. And how about D-Gunn breaking the news and getting a little pat on the back from Schefty!

You done fucked up now NBCSports Philly! Ya’ll done fucked up now! The only thing better than a humble Gunner is a pissed off one. Derrick Gunn likes to do two things cook meats and break news. And he’s all out of cooking meats.

Live look at Gunner scooping everyone all Eagles season: