We’re sharks. Not like Great White’s, but like those cool sharks that don’t murder innocent people. You know, like Whale Sharks, the one’s that have a mouth like your old ass grandfather when he takes his dentures out. That doesn’t mean we bring you picks that we don’t believe in. Instead of analysis this is all based on gut instinct and homerism. Just the way gambling was intended.


whale shark


After everyday standings will be held on which one of us is making or losing you the most money.

Standings as of 8/12:

Gary: 10-9

Kyle: 9-10

PJ: 12-11

‘Nonetheless here are the picks for today August 13th, 2020


Gary: Caps/Islanders Over 5

I am the official King of Overs! Love them. Can’t stop betting them. I’ve dug myself out of the depths of hell taking Overs so here’s another one for ya.


Kyle: Braves/Marlins Over 8.5

I feel like the Braves just fucking mash and your 1st place Marlins are playing their home opener. If you can’t tell I just bet on feel. That’s probably the reason why I have the worst record and am in the red for life. But the Over just feels good here. Need a lot of jumping Marlins and fireworks tonight!



PJ: Flyers -145