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We’re sharks. Not like Great White’s, but like those cool sharks that don’t murder innocent people. You know, like Whale Sharks, the one’s that have a mouth like your old ass grandfather when he takes his dentures out. That doesn’t mean we bring you picks that we don’t believe in. Instead of analysis this is all based on gut instinct and homerism. Just the way gambling was intended.


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After everyday standings will be held on which one of us is making or losing you the most money.

Standings as of 8/6:

Gary: 6-9

Kyle: 7-7

PJ: 8-8

‘Nonetheless here are the picks for today August 7th, 2020


Gary: Flyers ML +115

I’m 6-9 ;). 2-0 in the last two days. Ride with me.

Editors Note (Kyle): Little behind the scenes Gary barely put’s his own picks in. I or PJ just write analysis we’d think he would say. I know he’s mushing the fuck out of the Flyers right now. But for me this is good. Because if the boys lose tonight we get Islanders/Flyers 1st round. Me (a pink hat Flyers fan) vs. Gary (a diehard Islanders fan). Imagine us on Twitch watching the Flyers sweep the Isles in the first round and watch a grown man breakdown in front of us.


Kyle: Clippers ML +143

Why the fuck are the Clips dogs against the Trail Blazers? Montrezl Harrel and Pat Bev being out move’s the line that much? Trail Blazers are on fire? I don’t believe it.  And this is a sucker bet if you take the Clips here. Vegas wants our dumb brains to see a 9 seed vs a 2 seed and immediately bet on the Clips with no thought. Well I’m that sucker. Counterpoint: When you can give me a team with two top 15 players getting plus odds I’m always going to take it.


lets ride

PJ: Phoenix Suns -1.5

This might be the biggest square play of all time. The Suns are the only team left that are undefeated in the NBA Bubble. Yet they are still 2.5 GB back of the 8th seed. They need this game and hopefully they want it more than the Kings.