One would argue that no one likes to make money more than Kyle, Gary and I (PJ). We have decided to share our best bet each day to help you guys make some money. After everyday standings will be held on which one of us is making or losing you the most money.

Standings as of 7/31:

Gary: 4-4 (Didn’t make a pick yesterday)

Kyle: 4-3

PJ: 5-4

‘Nonetheless here are the picks for today August 1st, 2020


Gary: Sixers ML +500 (Draftkings Promotion)

Draftkings is giving away a 5 to 1 promotion that you can bet on any NBA team during today’s slate to win up to $20. This is a free $100 in your pocket. Oladipo is banged up and the Sixers are gelling.

Kyle: Raptors ML +128

This just feels like a let down game from the Lakers tonight. Everyone’s been waiting for the Raptors to come back down to Earth all season, but they never did. They are well rounded enough to beat the Lakers. So if you give me plus odds I’m going to take them.


PJ:  Astros -160

Of course the day I don’t like the card I go 2-0 but of course we will take it. Im going to back the Cheating Astros again. No Mike Trout again no problem. Zach Grienke had a rough first outing, I believe he bounces back against an average lineup missing their best player.