One would argue that no one likes to make money more than Kyle, Gary and I (PJ). We have decided to share our best bet each day to help you guys make some money. After everyday standings will be held on which one of us is making or losing you the most money.

Standings as of 7/28:

Gary: 2-2

Kyle: 2-1

PJ: 1-3

‘Nonetheless here are the picks for today July 28th, 2020


Gary: Portland Timbers -134 and the Angels -200

Not a Parlay I just hate the card today. So I’ll give two picks that I hate that I bet on…


Kyle: Braves/Rays Over 8.5

Can’t agree more on how much I hate the card today and betting on baseball. But, Great Whites don’t take a day off because the big tuna go hiding. They still feed on the minnows. So my play is the Braves/Rays over. Two teams both top-5 in runs scored this season. The Braves pitcher has only 11 games under his belt and still looking for his first win ever. Here’s to a slugfest folks!

mlb slugfest


PJ: Rays -125

I’m ice cold! I’ll admit it. Ever since Gary’s Mets won on Opening Day and gave me some confidence I have picked 3 straight losers and I simply have to be better. So here goes nothing. Kyle Wright is on the mound for the Braves and last year he went 0-3 with a 8.69 ERA. Rays starter Yonny Chironos in Tropicana Field was 5-2 with a 3.10 ERA. The numbers point to the Rays but what do I know.