In Honer of baseball being back. Lets relive my February 12th Pre-Rona takes

I dare you to spot the flaws.


The NL East I think might be the best division in Baseball of the 5 teams I think 4 of them could make the playoffs.  See my take on all the team below and then my prediction for how the division finishes up this year.

The Braves – I think are the best in the division, a young core with a very good lineup. Need Acuna to be a little more mature. I love their infield anchored by Freeman, Swanson,  and Albies. Also the addition of Ozuna is solid.  Add in a good veteran pitcher like Hamels to pair with very impressive Soroka and you have a team that is set to win 90 plus games. Also with a good bullpen, I think this is the team to beat in the East.

The Nationals – Defending world series Champs. They lost Rendon which will hurt big time, as he was there best hitter, but assume that Soto has a big year. Zimmerman, Turner, and Castro add solid help in the infield and in the lineup. Turner might be one of the best if not the best base stealers in the league. Pair that with the pitching rotation of Scherzer, Strasburg, and Corbin makes this a team with the talent to repeat.

The Mets – Same story different chapter here. The owners are absolute clowns, they had to fire a manager that never managed. That being said, this is a good baseball team. Back to Back Cy Young winner in DeGrom, still paired up with Syndergaard, Stroman, Matz, and the addition of Wacha makes this one of the best rotations in Baseball. Pete Alanso in year two who won Rookie of the Year and hit 50 plus homers is back along with other good young hitters like Mcneil, Conforto, and Dom Smith. If you get anything out of Cespedes, Cano or Lowrie its a major plus. Mets also sure up the bullpen with a few signings and hope Diaz and Familia can bounce back.

The Phillies – They did not spend Stupid money this year, but they got better. Start with a great hire in the Manager, Joe Girardi makes this team 1000x better. Add in good hitters like Didi, getting McCutchen back from the ACL, and hopefully getting Kingery full time at bats, the Phillies Line up is very good. They are also looking for Hoskins to bounce back to form as he looked lost at the plate last year. Oh and don’t forget they have two of the best players in baseball Harper speaks for himself but J.T. Realmuto is so underrated it drives me insane, he is the best catcher in baseball and hits for average. Pitching was addressed but still should be questioned. Nola needs to be better and become a true ace. Adding Wheeler is good but they overpaid (as is standard in free agency) and he has been streaky and injured thru his career. Still if they hit they will be right in the mix.

The Marlins – they are god awful and Jeter should be booted from the hall of fame for putting this product on the Field.

How it will all shake out in the end

1- Braves- best all around team

2- Mets-  Good rotation good Lineup should be fine, Ownership could fuck it all up!

3- Nationals- pitching is great but the line up can go cold a odd mix of young and old

4- Phillies – I don’t think they have enough pitching, but if they hit could finish 2nd

5- Marlins – straight doo doo.

I love baseball and I cant wait to get this thing going!