Let me Start by saying I am not the worlds best gambler. But I have been known to toss a wager on some sports games.

I will post my pics by 9am if I have them. I was 2-2 yesterday.  Need to get back above 500.

All I got to bet on is Soccer right now so that is what you will be seeing for the time being.  ( If you don’t like soccer but miss sports, quick tip. Bet the 1.5 over on all soccer matches. gives you a rooting interest in the game.)

1-  I like Tottenham today -139 the spurs have been annoying. They should be a top 5 team but loose to dumb teams. Regardless give me Kyle’s squad to win today (1 unit)

2- Manchester United -335 I know what your thinking who best favorites outright? Answer me. I need the wins so shut up and bet (1 unit)

3- Everton +112 still a favorite but it is plus money so there is Value.  Everton and Southampton are in 11th and 12th place respectively. So the Match of the day goes to them. (2 Units)

4- Last but not least. Philadelphia Union over NYCFC +205. What do I know about the MLS……nothing. So this is a pride bet Union are my team #sonsofben (1 unit)

Take these for what you want. If you want to play along tweet me with your counter bets or to root along with me and my Wallet.