Tobias talking about Embiid driving @7:45.




This is the edge we need in our Philly athletes. You think the ’93 Phillies gave a fuck about the law on their way to the World Series? Imagine how many times John Kruk, Dutch, or Lenny would’ve gotten popped in 2020. 20? 30 times for drunk driving alone?You think AI during that 2001 run didn’t get let off a bunch of times so cops didn’t discourage a title run. I’m sure even the 2017 Eagles had a couple of guys who the police let go cause they were humming. We had fucking Bryan Braman ravaging the Philly the whole season. Dude lowered his head and put a hat on a hat during special teams.



That’s why breaking the law Joel needs to show up during the playoffs. None of this soft as baby shit calling an Uber Joel. I need the confidence from Embiid telling Tobias “I’ll give you a ride home” knowing he didn’t have a license. Law breaking Joel dominates skinny Marc Gasol and makes him scream “Daddy” while putting up 20/20.


Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 10.07.26 PM


Law breaking Joel let’s Bam Adebayo know he’s the best big in the East. Enes Kantner is going to have his hands full with rogue Embiid. And then in the Finals Embiid is going to give LeBron and AD a little Dream Shake.



I mean theres no doubt Embiid learned to drive at age 10 in Cameroon. If you’re born in Cameroon I feel like you become an adult by 8. Embiid killed a lion when he was like 12 I’m pretty sure he can handle 3 miles down Broad Street.