Right now we’ve got a title bout for the ages in a classic source off between baseball insiders. Jon Heyman breaks the news and Jeff Passan RT’s an unverified ESPN account saying they only met and their’s no deal done, pissed he didn’t get the scoop first.


Then Passan follows it up with a passive aggressive “no deal is done” they’re just talking with no credit to Jon Heyman for scooping the fuck out of him. Passan playing the Adam Schefter “I just got scooped” playbook to perfection.



Fuck it. Deals done. Sunday 1:05 baseball getting a buzz on into a McGillans Karaoke Sunday: ACTIVATED (probably no fans allowed in the stadium, but trying to remain positive).




This is going to be the best season of baseball ever. The purists, for which there are many, hate the idea of 50-70 games, but the ones that understand entertainment know this is exactly what baseball needs to attract more eyeballs. Guess what baseball you’re boring. Realize it, fix it, and move on before your fan base dies and the NBA steals your season and murders the sport forever.


Every single game matters now and every team is in it from the get go. Doesn’t matter if you’re a longshot or favorite. Why? Because of variance. I don’t know what variance means, but the guys at FanGraphs do and they’re a lot smarter than I am. Just last year the eventual World Champ Nationals went 19-31 in their first 50.

Also, if you’re looking for some MVP futures rush to the counter now and get those Bryce Harper MVP tickets in because Bryce is an animal in the early months.

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 2.42.48 PM


I can’t wait for a cool Fall 50 degree October day listening to some Phil’s 1:05 day baseball, Sixers NBA Finals at 9, with a two TV setup for Sunday Night Football Eagles vs. 49ers.

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