Rise from the fucking dead UGA Ray! Dan Mullen you wanted a battle, well you just got a fucking war! Dabo Swinney and Dan Mullen tried to kill UGA Ray with biological warfare. He beat that like the Dawgs beat up on Florida in Jacksonville last year, recorded a video that went full Vi, but not to his surprise. Just when this story couldn’t get any better we had private investigators following UGA Ray around trying to infect him with the most contagious virus in 100 years to stop him from exposing the corrupt underbelly of D1 recruiting. Imagine if UGA Ray dies. They’re dancing in the streets of Gainesville and Clemson because they know they’re safe for now. I love imagining some guy who looks like Ray Donovan having thousands of photos of UGA Ray sitting at his computer with no pants on. While UGA Ray is hammering away on Go Dawgs message boards this guy is just trying to get some blackmail.

Also, we gotta talk about UGA Ray’s big game voice. No chance that’s his normal everyday talking to the mailman voice. He’s a pro’s pro adding extra gravel and ruggedness. He walks out of that hallway like he’s about to Main Event at Wrestlemania. He’s a fucking showman!


Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 6.58.59 PM


If you’re Dan Mullen you’re shaking in your boots your team failed to kill Ray AND now he’s got a new investigative team. Which is really some guy he met on a Dawgs message board in Florida agreed to go through Dan Mullen’s garbage.

College Football is something else man. No where else could some guy decide he wanted to get into recruiting find himself in a controversy with a major D1 program. I’ve got July 10th on my calendar marked for the UGA Ray touchdown in Athens. The only thing scarier than a motivated Ray is a pissed off Ray.



P.S. I don’t want to hear how Ray messed up saying “Drop the ball”  when he clearly meant “Drop a bomb”. You try to record a video with that much on your mind when you’re trying to bring down a D1 powerhouse.