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This sucks. But there’s too much sadness going on in the world so let’s look at the positives.

Jason Peters tore both of his achilles and came back to make the Pro Bowl. Gary tore his achilles playing lax in college and came back better than ever. Brandon Brooks was the best guard in the NFL last year after tearing his other achilles the year before.


What the fuck happened though? He was just running on the Nova Care Complex and it blew out? He was just literally kickboxing on Friday. Fucking Corona man. If the grounds crew was able to properly seed and water the ground like previous years there’s no chance this happens. Brandon Brooks was probably running on the equivalent to the Oakland Raider’s baseball/turn combo and slipped cutting. 



Welp, Jason Peters should be signed by sundown tomorrow. A 38 year year old protecting the blind side of Carson or does he move into Brandon Brook’s role? I’d rather Andre Dillard get the reps at LT as transitioning to guard isn’t a long term solution. I guess Matt Pryor or rookie Jack Driscoll will be tasked to fill the role if a Peters deal doesn’t happen. Pryor filled in for Brooks during the Eagles’ loss to the Seahawks in the playoffs last year.

P.S. It doesn’t count if Carson Wentz gets injured again this year. We’re starting a LT with emotional issues and our best guard isn’t anchoring the right side this season so shove the takes.

Fuck this sucks.